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Findern is looking for more volunteers for its Speed Watch scheme

Last year Findern joined the Derbyshire’s Community Speed Watch (CSW) scheme; with seven volunteers in the team currently helping to monitor the speed of traffic through our village. The team are keen to recruit more volunteers, particularly those able to join daytime sessions.

Derbyshire Community Speed Watch LogoIf you are interested in becoming a volunteer with Findern’s Community Speed Watch team, then please contact the Clerk of the Parish Council on

Speeding or perceived speeding, affects the quality of life in our local communities. However, as the Community Speed Watch (CSW) scheme in Derbyshire has shown, a strong community lead approach can make a real difference.

CSW is a national initiative where a team of local volunteers are trained and issued with speed detection equipment to monitor speed through their local communities.

They receive appropriate training and annual refreshes and are supported by the safer neighbourhood policing teams (SNTS). Vehicles observed speeding are sent a warning letter, along with advice to help change their driving behaviour.

This educational approach of outlining the potential consequences of irresponsible driving has been shown to reduce excess speed as well as other road safety issues.

The scheme does not replace intelligence lead enforcement activity by police officers or the forces safety camera team; but provides additional opportunities for the public to influence and contribute to the education of motorists while making their neighbourhoods safer.

The Speed Watch initiative has recently reached the milestone of its 500th volunteer.

Sean Woodcock, Community Speed Watch coordinator within the CREST team, said:

“Derbyshire’s Community Speed Watch (CSW) scheme is gearing up to welcome it’s 500th volunteer and this is testament to the hard work put in by many including those before me, and the volunteers and SNT offices all of whom have contributed to making the scheme a success. It is true partnership working with the community, directly addressing – with the support of the police – an issue that affects so many on a daily basis. Following Covid, it’s also proving to be a real catalyst for bringing communities together in a positive and meaningful way thereby leading to wider benefits for all. The energy previously used in highlighting the same speeding issues to the same authorities can now be used in volunteering and making a direct difference.”

Making a difference

Two local volunteers have shared their stories, outlining the benefits of the scheme.

Isobel from Quarndon:

“We started a speed watch in 2015 when it was a new concept and, if I’m honest, looked down upon by many. A recent neighbourhood plan questionnaire highlighted speeding as a major concern for many residents and we had a recruitment drive and formed a team of 23 volunteers. Since then, the scheme has gone from strength to strength, helped recently by Its centralisation and the potential for the data collected to be used to give support from other measures. Quarndon residents feel this is the one thing they can do to address something that affects them every day. CSW needs to be part of the bigger picture!”

Marion from Littleover:

“Speeding continues to be of great concern within the Littleover area. We are a proactive team of volunteers helping to improve road safety for local residents in our community. Our aim is to reduce the speed of vehicles (drive within the speed limit), educate drivers and raise awareness of speeding vehicles. We are out and about in the community on a weekly basis all year round. We are very visible at different locations within our area and have built a strong working relationship with the police and CREST. I personally volunteer as I want to help make a positive difference in the community and help make our area a safer place to live.”

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with Findern’s Community Speed Watch team, then please contact the Clerk of the Parish Council on

Join Findern’s Community Speed Watch to help improve road safety in the village

In response to increasing concerns about road safety and speeding, the Parish Council would like to establish a Community Speed Watch (CSW) scheme in the village. The Parish Council are looking for residents who would like to make a difference and are willing to take part in the scheme.

As a starting point read this basic information booklet which you may find useful. Also follow the link below through to the Community Speed Watch (CSW) section of the Derbyshire Constabulary CREST website.

In essence CSW is a scheme whereby volunteers, once trained, have the ability to monitor the speed of vehicles travelling through their community and report to the police any considered to be speeding. The registered keeper of those vehicles is sent a letter warning them of their future conduct whilst driving through that and any other community.

This is an educational initiative and is not about enforcement. We would be supported by the co-ordinator of that scheme who would liaise with the group and the local police Safer Neighbourhood Team to provide all the help, guidance and training that the group will require.

If there is sufficient number of residents interested in the scheme we will arrange the initial training session. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions this would be delivered via Microsoft Teams and takes between 60-90 minutes. There is a follow up training session, on another day, at the side of the road and is more an equipment and safety familiarisation session.

The Co-ordinator of the scheme from Derbyshire’s CREST team is keen to help and advise the Parish Council and Findern residents through the process.

Please consider the attached information and contact the Clerk at if you would like to be involved. Or call 07444 085807 if you have a query.