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Covid-19 advice and help

Covid-19 LogoAs COVID-19 continues to spread across the UK, the coming weeks will be unpredictable and difficult for a lot of us.

Make sure you get your information from trustworthy sources. We recommend checking the Government response for the most up-to-date information on how to protect yourself and those around you.

South Derbyshire District Council has a dedicated page to advise on changes to their services and support that is available.

Derbyshire County Council also has information available for residents.

Public Health England has FAQs that will be updated regularly.

This guidance, developed with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, aims to assist employers and businesses in providing advice to their staff.

You may find the advice from ACAS useful in considering any employment-related matters.

Social isolation can intensify loneliness. If you or someone you know is in isolation because of the virus it’s important to stay connected.

We know many in the village have already checked on their neighbours and made offers of help to those who are self-isolating or potentially vulnerable. If you think you can help, give a few of these postcards out to your neighbours, or ‘phone 07875 300573 to speak to Penny Adcock who is co-ordinating the effort in the village to help people who need support for shopping – or just someone to talk to… often it is just a ‘phone call for a friendly chat that is needed.

Also, if you can spare a few food items, toiletries etc. these would be gratefully received as Penny is making up food parcels for those who are struggling financially. Items can be left at the Village Store or ring Penny on the number above.

The Parish Council are going to work with Penny on this and are open to any ideas of other ways we can help. Contact the Clerk on or telephone 07444 085807 if you have any ideas.

The situation is unprecedented and the coming months may be uncertain ones for businesses in the village. The Parish Council are making a plea to everyone to support our local businesses in any way you can.

And finally, we would like to say… it’s also okay to switch off and have a break from the constant stream of news. The conflicting information can be unhelpful and increase anxiety.

Stay safe and stay well.

Findern Parish Council