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Findern Pump track open to riders!

The contractors Clark & Kent have completed the installation of the Findern pump track at the King George V Playing Field off Willington Road, Findern in record time and the track is now open to riders!

There are still some minor works to complete such as installation of white-lining on track and erection of permanent signage, and these will be completed over the next few weeks.

This has been a project that has taken some time to come to fruition, because of the need to apply for planning permission and then of course Coronavirus causing a delay to the start of installation.

The Parish Council hope to hold a ‘grand opening’ soon but it would seem mean not to allow its use straightaway!

We are sure that the track will prove very popular with young people in the village and give them an exciting facility to enjoy.

There of course some rules we ask all riders to abide by when using the track:


  • The Pump Track is not supervised, we advise that younger children be supervised by an adult at all times
  • Appropriate protective clothing should be worn at all times: helmets, gloves, long sleeve top and trousers; and knee and elbow pads are strongly recommended
  • Ride at your own risk: know your ability and ride accordingly
  • The track is intended for bikes, skateboards and scooters
  • Both experienced and in-experienced riders will use the track. Be respectful of others, take your turn, don’t cut anyone up and give way to slower riders
  • Non-riders and spectators are NOT allowed on the track
  • Unapproved objects are not allowed on the track, e.g. ramps and jumps
  • Motorised vehicles are not allowed on the track
  • No loud music, fighting or foul language; be considerate of local residents
  • For reasons of safety please do not bring glass or consume alcohol in this area
  • Keep area clean and put any litter in the bins provided
  • Dogs to be kept on lead near the track

In the event of any unsafe condition, stop use immediately and contact the Parish Council on 07444 085807

In the event of an Emergency ring 999 and give the location:

King George V Playing Field, Willington Road, Findern, DE65 6AS