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#Getting ready for Winter!

With the first overnight frosts arriving, Findern Parish Council is getting ready for Winter! Help us keep pavements and roads clear to avoid slips and slides!

The Parish Lengthsman, Dave Tidy has checked all of the grit bins in the village and reported back on those that need topping up. The Council keeps a store of grit salt and the Lengthsman will keep an eye on the bins to ensure that there is grit salt available for residents to use on public paths/pavements and roads around the village as we head it into those frosty days and nights of Winter.

The location of the grit bins are as follows (those with numbers are owned by Derbyshire County Council, but we will keep those topped up along with those owned by the Parish Council): –

  • Aults Close/Hillside Junction – GB5455
  • Bakeacre Lane/Doles Lane junction – GB5092
  • Brook Close
  • Cromwell Avenue/Hawthorn Crescent – GB0732
  • Doles Lane (near Derby Bus Stop) – GB1047
  • Hillside/East Lawn Junction – GB0732
  • Hillside (near Playing Field)
  • Longlands Lane/Hillside Junction – GB1042
  • Lower Green Car Park
  • Porters Lane /Main Street Junction – GB1041
  • Sycamore Avenue/Hazel Close Junction
  • Castle Hill
  • Heath Lane near KGV

The Parish Council has contacted the consortium of developers at the new Highfields estate (which falls within the Parish boundary) to seek permission to site grit bins at key locations on the development.