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Join Findern’s Community Speed Watch to help improve road safety in the village

In response to increasing concerns about road safety and speeding, the Parish Council would like to establish a Community Speed Watch (CSW) scheme in the village. The Parish Council are looking for residents who would like to make a difference and are willing to take part in the scheme.

As a starting point read this basic information booklet which you may find useful. Also follow the link below through to the Community Speed Watch (CSW) section of the Derbyshire Constabulary CREST website.

In essence CSW is a scheme whereby volunteers, once trained, have the ability to monitor the speed of vehicles travelling through their community and report to the police any considered to be speeding. The registered keeper of those vehicles is sent a letter warning them of their future conduct whilst driving through that and any other community.

This is an educational initiative and is not about enforcement. We would be supported by the co-ordinator of that scheme who would liaise with the group and the local police Safer Neighbourhood Team to provide all the help, guidance and training that the group will require.

If there is sufficient number of residents interested in the scheme we will arrange the initial training session. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions this would be delivered via Microsoft Teams and takes between 60-90 minutes. There is a follow up training session, on another day, at the side of the road and is more an equipment and safety familiarisation session.

The Co-ordinator of the scheme from Derbyshire’s CREST team is keen to help and advise the Parish Council and Findern residents through the process.

Please consider the attached information and contact the Clerk at if you would like to be involved. Or call 07444 085807 if you have a query.