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King George V Playing Field

Following the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 26 July 2018 at the Village Hall the following points were resolved:

  • The Councillors took on board all comments, both at the meeting and on the Facebook poll. It was decided because of the large amount of money needed that an application would be submitted to South Derbyshire District Council for a grant.  The development would need to be planned and completed in stages.  The Parish Council would match the grant with £10,000 in the budget for the development.  The Parish Council felt this was a good opportunity for the children of Findern.
  • Phase 1 will entail, upon success of this match funded grant, a BMX track to be built for the village. It was also decided that should any money remain, this would go towards Phase 2, which would be exercise/table tennis equipment.
  • The plans for the development are on the website for you to look at.
  • The BMX track would be multi-surface, for the use of bikes, scooters and roller-skates.
  • A lot of work in being done by the Councillors to get this up and running. Quotes are being collected, applications for the grant being submitted, plans have been drawn up. The development will not be done in one go, but in stages.

Click here for the KGV proposed plans