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Vacancies on the Council – Would you like to apply to be a Parish Councillor?

Following the uncontested election, Findern Parish Council has three vacancies for members of the public to become Parish Councillors – Would you like to apply?

If you feel you would like to get involved in making decisions about your local community, local issues and make a significant contribution to the area in which you live or work, then this is the position for you! If have an interest in your local environment, local transport, local government finances, amenities, planning issues, community events, anti-social behaviour and policing, and want to make a difference? Then please apply!

Findern Parish Council is made up of 10 voluntary councillors who meet once a month to discuss and act on issues of importance to the local community.  The Parish Council sets and monitors how a proportion of local taxes are spent in the Parish, make comment on planning applications in the Parish and consider projects to help maintain, improve or enhance the local area.  Local Government is changing and Parish Councils are seeing an increase in the responsibilities and opportunities to influence decisions made that affect our local community.

No special qualification is required to be a Councillor; indeed, it is important that all sorts of people serve as Councillors to give good representation of the community. Training for new councillors is also available to help assist with understanding the responsibilities of the role.

You must be aged 18 years and over, eligible to vote and have lived or worked in the parish of Findern for 12 months or more, or within 3 miles of the parish boundary. Note, the new Highfields development is within the parish boundary.

If you would like to put yourself forward as a Findern Parish Councillor please complete the application form available to download here. Further information on the eligibility to be a Councillor and the person specification is included with application form. The deadline for receipt of applications is midnight on Friday 30 June 2023.

Send applications to Findern Parish Council, Parish Rooms, Lower Green, Findern, DE65 6AD or email to

If you have any query please telephone the Clerk to the Parish Council, on Mob: 07444 085807 or email on address above.

Please see the following resources for more information:

All About Town and Parish Councils prepared by The National Association of Local Authorities (NALC)

It takes all sorts prepared by NALC in 2011 as part of a drive to encourage individuals from under-represented groups to become local councillors.

Thirteen reasons not to join the Parish Council