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Want to contribute to the purchase of the land off Common Piece Lane?

The Parish Council has resolved to try to buy the land off Common Piece Lane to ensure it is kept for the people of Findern.

Further to tonight’s very positive meeting with residents of Findern….

The land involved is the 1.2-acre area of land close to the village centre, off Common Piece Lane, and accessed from Sycamore Avenue. It is in private ownership.

The land is being auctioned in Derby on 14 February 2020.  The Parish Council does not have the funds to buy the land at the guide price indicated. Therefore, the Council are asking residents whether they would like to contribute to the fund to buy the land. At tonight’s meeting the funding was discussed with residents and the reception to the idea was well received and very positive.

If successful at auction, the Parish Council would consult with residents about the amenities they would like to have in the village on that site, some suggestions are … allotments, a crown green bowling area, or a small nature reserve with a walkway and seating area.

First we have to secure the land…. and for this we need your help!

Download a pledge form here:

Contribute to the purchase of the Common Piece Lane Land leaflet[5189]

IMPORTANT:  We need to receive cheques and pledges by 5pm on Friday 7th February 2020. (Cheques will remain uncashed until we know we are successful and returned if we are not).

Thank you for your support.