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Renew Planter by Derby Bus Stop

The planter by the Derby Bus Stop is not in good condition. The council are looking to repair this planter before it needs replacing.

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This item is discussed at our monthly Parish Council meetings. More details about this item can be found in the most recent Meeting Minutes, under the folliwng minutes number:


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Cllr Giles-Grant had looked at the planter and it was in a bit of a state. His idea would be to use some of the good wood from the removed fencing from Hillside Playing Field project to re-clad the planter, he would then either paint the planter or stain it.

Findern Parish Council agreed to give Cllr Giles-Grant delegated authority to continue to complete this work as above.

The Chair and Cllr Giles-Grant were given delegated powers to look at what repairs or if a replacement was required to the planter, with a view to Cllr Giles-Grant completing the work. Cllr Giles-Grant to let Cllr Woodhouse know what materials are required so that he can help source this.

Work still to be completed by Cllr Giles-Grant due to work commitments and weather issues.